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 AJ Hartman Aero wings can be had in any span up to 72". Upright spacing can also be customized to fit your particular needs should you be fabricating your own uprights. We do not charge extra for these two options. Our upgrade features are listed below.


100% Carbon Fiber Wings are the best way to gain rear down force. The knowledge of how they work has been around for many years. But not all carbon fiber wings are created equal. The trick is finding a wing that makes more down force over drag. Essentially a more efficient wing. One of the big benefits of the AJ Hartman Aero carbon fiber wing is its extended 14" chord. Simply put, the longer chord allows more high pressure on top, and more low pressure on the bottom, but without having any more frontal surface area which means barely any more drag is created. (Yes, there are more technicalities to it than this, but thats the main basis of it.)


Here is a chart of our 72" wing without a gurney run through CFD software. Real world numbers may vary.




All AJ Hartman Aero wings are 100% carbon fiber and utilize the best materials around. The end caps, and plates, internals, wing mounts, and wing itself are all made from "AeroSpace" quality carbon. This carbon has a higher Ksi rating than other commercially available carbon.

We use a unique resin infusion process to achieve the strongest, lightest parts possible. A 66" wing with endplates and mounts comes in at 8lbs. You would be hard pressed to find a wing of this strength and weight at this price point. 

We strive to make the fitment of all parts as tight as possible. Below are two pictures of close ups of endplates. One of a popular competitor's wing, the other of our 100% Carbon Fiber Wing.


Here is a competitors endplate fitment. You can see daylight between the entire thing as well as the leading and trailing edge of the wing are almost "tapered" in creating larger gaps in those areas. Granted, some are a better than others, but this is fairly common.



Here is a close up of our wing's endplate fitment. Very tight gaps the entire way. 


Unmatched strength

How many would do this with their wings?




Available Options

We have developed a top mount wing mount along with an internal gurney channel for easy removal/changing of gurney hieghts. We add a "door" to the standard end plate to facilitate removal without having to remove the entire endplate (original endplates only). These will be two separate "add ons". The gurney channel will be a $250 option, and will include a 1/2" tall gurney. Additional gurney flaps available separately here. The top mount setup will be an additional $350 option on just the wing. Complete top mount kits (to include uprights) will vary.

A great article about the benefits of top mount wings can be found here. http://www.mulsannescorner.com/rearwingLMPCFD2009.html

  Below is a side shot of our top mount setup. This upgrade is only available on chassis mount wing kits, or if the wing is purchases by itself, and you plan to make your own chassis mounts and uprights.



Below is a picture of how our gurney flap can be easily slid in and out of the wing without removing the endplate. This is possible if you choose the internal gurney channel upgrade on your wing. img-3084.jpg


New For 2017- Upgraded Endplate Option

We worked with an outside company to develop a larger endplate that increases the efficiency of the wing. We made an entire blog post about our Large Endplate upgrade that should clear up any questions that can be found Here. We were able to increase our wing efficiency by just over 10% with the development of these new endplates.