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Splitters are the most common front aero upgrade. But unlike wings, their designs differ drastically based on the vehicle they are attached to. For this reason it is a lot harder to gain data on splitters. Add in the fact that they are more susceptible to being damaged and you find why its much harder to construct a splitter compared to a wing. This is why most splitters you see around the track are home made of a flat sheet of some material. They work. They get the job done. But are thet the best option out there? Basic aerodynamic theory tells us no which is why we don't think so either. This is why we will be starting to develop "profiled" splitters. A wing isn't flat, so why should a splitter be? We have developed and tested a profiled splitter on our own American Iron racecar with great results and plan to provide some more options in the very near future. You can read about our results in this blog post.


Here is picture of the basic concept. There are other factors that need to be looked at and addressed when using a profiled splitter to address the increased mass flow under the splitter. They can be hood louvers/vents, fender louvers, tire reliefs, or any combination of them. What the air does after it leaves the splitter is just as important to the total package as what the air does entering the splitter. 


Picture of our C5/C6 Splitter