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Misc. Aero Devices

After a while, most people want more downforce. There are a bunch of aero devices that make the whole package work together. They may be small, but together add up to a big gain.


Canards are curved or flat winglets or plates generally attached to the front bumper, but can be found other places as well. Their purpose is to direct airflow to or around somewhere or something. They themselves don't make a lot of downforce, but properly implemented can supplement other aero devices, such as a splitter, to add decent downforce. They do come with an equal drag penalty tho.

End Plates

Endplates are almost always found on wings, but can be utilized on canards and splitters as well. 

Gurney Flaps, Wickers

Gurney flaps are small right angled strips generally attached to the trailing edge of a wing, but can be utilized in other areas as well. They have the benefit of adding more downforce than drag on most wings, thus making the wing more efficient.


Side skirts are utilized to help seal the lower pressure bottom side of the car from the outside airflow.


Used extensively in nascar to generat rear downforce when wings are not allowed. They are also a great tool for suplementing a rear diffusor.

Louvers, Vents, Reliefs

These devices are used to controll air flow. Louvers, or vents, are usually seen on the hoods of cars to help cooling. They can be used in other areas to aleviate high pressure areas. Reliefs are usually found behind the front or rear tires to move the wake outside of the vehicle.