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Diffusors are a great aerodynamic device that is under utilized in club level racing. The beauty of a diffurosr is that it generally works in dirty air. As the boundary layer of air under the car builds up towards the rear of the car, the diffusor, when properly designed, allows for a clean exit of this air. Thus the downforce creation with little drag increase. I've even see case studies where drag decreased! Talk about a win win situation. The dificulty is in the design and proper implimentation of a diffusor. There are axles, suspension parts, exhaust, and sometimes fuel tanks that all need to be worked around. 

A step up from a standard diffusor is an exhaust blown diffusor. We have experimented with EBD's with great results. These are only used where every bit of downforce is wanted as their use brings about several other issues that will need to be addressed. 

During a quick test of out first exhaust blown diffursor, at idle the exhaust pressure was enough to suck a piece of plywood up against the diffusor and hold it there. So you can imagine the effect when the car is at speed with the additional mass flow along with the engine at a much higher RPM. 

(Video here)