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September Book Review- High Performance Brake Systems

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I'm a tad late finishing up re-reading High-Performance Brake Systems by James Walker. I originally read this book about 2009ish maybe so figured it would be a good refresher, as well as a new topic for my book reviews. This book is a tad dated only in some of the names of companies and pictures, but the info is still very much relevant. A caliper still does what a caliper has always did. A master cylinder still does what a master cylinder always did. The math to figure out the pressure gain is still the same. So everything still applies. This book covers every aspect of a complete brake system, as well as things to consider for the nature of the car wether it be an old hot rod that you want disc brakes, a performance car, or a full on race car setup. If your new to performance racing, or been in it for a while, this book will definitely help you out. 

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