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September Book Review- High Performance Brake Systems

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I'm a tad late finishing up re-reading High-Performance Brake Systems by James Walker. I originally read this book about 2009ish maybe so figured it would be a good refresher, as well as a new topic for my book reviews. This book is a tad dated only in some of the names of companies and pictures, but the info is still very much relevant. A caliper still does what a caliper has always did. A master cylinder still does what a master cylinder always did. The math to figure out the pressure gain is still the same. So everything still applies. This book covers every aspect of a complete brake system, as well as things to consider for the nature of the car wether it be an old hot rod that you want disc brakes, a performance car, or a full on race car setup. If your new to performance racing, or been in it for a while, this book will definitely help you out. 

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Not All Composite Parts Are Created Equal- part 3

  Being one to never miss a chance to weigh something, we have an update to our "Not All Composite Parts Are Created Equal" series. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here. It might be worth reading them before the rest of this post. In this installment we will measure a competitors [...]

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August Book Review- Competition Car Composites

If you ever want to know what goes into a composite part, or some of the techniques and processes we use to make our own parts, then Competition Car Composites: A Practical Handbook (Revised 2nd Edition) is for you. I realize I can't make every part for every person so don't mind recommending a book [...]

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We Are On YouTube!

This blog post is mainly to make people aware that we are on YouTube. We don't have many videos yet, but will make more when we get the chances. From doing these blog posts I started to realize that sometimes things are just easier, and better described in video format. We want to start to [...]

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July Book Review- Competiton Car Suspension

Were diving back into suspension in this months book. The book I re-read this month is "Competition Car Suspension" by Allan Staniforth. This takes the concepts from our February book review "Chassis Engineering" and expands on them as well as gets into more modern setups and test methods. They cover the basic terminology in [...]

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Using GPS Data to Determine Braking Performance

In this post I'm gonna dive into a few things I looked into on my Aim Solo to determine how much of a braking performance increase my new PowerBrake kit was for my car. If you want some more back story and a product review, read this post here> PowerBrake Kit for 94-04 Mustangs. [...]

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Product Review- PowerBrake Brake kit for 94-04 Mustangs

 I want to start doing product reviews on parts I run or use on my own. This blog actually gets a decent amount of traffic so hopefully some people will find these reviews useful. I will only review parts I have personally used. Another note is that I will always give useful information, backed up [...]

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Simple Tip to Keep Your Racecar Cool

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I often overhear people complaining about their car running hot when last summer it was fine. Well, we can assume that you have adequate cooling capacity as far as the radiator size and pump are concerned. But why the sudden spike in temperatures? Probably because your radiator fins are completely [...]

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June Book Review- Mustang Performance Handbook 2

I've been running a tad behind on these book reviews so even tho I re-read most of Mustang Performance Handbook 2 by William Mathis in May, I'm making it this months book review since I'm only getting around to the review now. If you can't tell by the name already, its a book specifically [...]

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My Number One Secret to Becoming a Faster Driver

I had a customer in my shop today that is building a car for American Iron. We just go done adding some of our parts to it and we got to chatting. One of the questions he asked me, and one I get quite often is, "Whats the best thing you did to make [...]

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